Step into a new era of electric vehicle charging with Watts Up! Whether it's your apartment complex, commercial plaza, or beyond, we're here to provide cutting-edge charging solutions tailored to your needs.


Welcome to an enhanced charging experience with Watts Up Fast Charging. Step into the future of efficient charging with us. Our fast charging stations are meticulously crafted to minimize wait times, ensuring you get back on the road swiftly and spend more time enjoying your drive. For businesses seeking more information on our charging stations, we invite you to reach out and discover how Watts Up can elevate your offerings.

Watts Up is leading a new industry standard in building EV charging stations.

Experience the versatility of Watts Up charging stations, tailored to fit any space from apartment complexes to bustling commercial hubs. Our commitment to accessibility means seamless integration into your business, ensuring convenient access to charging for your customers. Discover a new level of convenience with Watts Up—where charging goes beyond power to offer a complete service experience. Choose Watts Up for efficiency, reliability, and convenience, providing a seamless journey for both you and your customers. Explore the future of EV charging with Watts Up. Have questions or need more information? Reach out to us today and join us on the journey to a sustainable and connected future.

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